Pathfinder Game Builds Guide (Optibuilds)

Welcome to the site that brings you Optimized Pathfinder Character Builds.  Wet your teeth on the free builds.  Dive into the Optibuilds’ PDFs when you are ready for deeper secrets and fully geared builds with optimized level by level strategy advice.

OPTIBUILDS’ SKILLS PDF PART 1: Skills are more than just parley; they can make you a game changer / dominator in and out of combat.  Believe that! Optibuilds Skills PDF Part 1 gives you optimized build Barbie Charms and advice on how to build optimized characters using Intimidate, Handle Animal, Perception, Scent, Survival and Use Magic Device.  Barbie Charms uses all of them.

OPTIBUILDS’ WITCH BUILDS PDF PART 1: Two ridiculous witches for you.  Is it possible to build an Elf and a Half-Orc witch that are both beast masters, buffers, diplomats, high initiative PCs, scouts, slumber masters, that can shut down opposition in one round.  Quincy Horcawich and Quincy Elvawich would say, “You don’t know the half of it.”  Well I do, and they bring a tears to my eyes.

Free Optimized Builds are below.  I will be back with more soon.  Sign-up for the the newsletter and blog.  The blog gives free general advice.  The newsletter will inform you about new PDFs and may even shock you with special limited time offers.

Meleers: 1) Paladin Protector; 2) Two-Weapon Shield/Spikes; 3) Scimitar and Blaster Bard; 4) Ninja Dirty Fighting; 5) Mounted Cleric; 6) Barbarian AC Tank; 7) Barbarian Switch Hitter; 8) Oracle Switch Hitter; 9) Shadow Striker Barbarian

Archers: 1) Monk Zen Archer; 2) Mounted Inquisitor Archer; 3) Arcane / Eldritch Knight Archer; 4) Bard Archer; 5) Paladin Archer6) Barbarian Switch Hitter; 7) Rogue Archer; 8) Ranger Archer; 9) Ninja Archer; 10) Fighter Archer; 11) Oracle Switch Hitter 12) Shadow Striker Barbarian

Magicians: Wizard Spellslinger

Guides: 1) Witch Spell Guide; 2) Barbarian Guide

Gamemaster Articles: 1) Art of the Chase I, 2) Art of the Chase II, 3) Game Mastering w/out Being a Game Master


23 thoughts on “Pathfinder Game Builds Guide (Optibuilds)

    • Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I get lots of people who have a question on builds. I rarely get posters who say they like my builds. Even more rarely do I get posters that say they just appreciate my builds who have no other questions.

      It takes significant time to put builds together, but, then again, I like doing it and like sharing them.

    • I have been playing an adept Godling and just brought him into a Epic level campaign. He is nigh unkillable, we are playing a campaign where the DM makes the world as he see’s it would be and if we die, we simply re-roll another character so there we all have a vested interest in staying alive. What came out of it was the most crazy character I’ve ever played.

      He is a half celestial human adept godling for the most part and his base stats are these.

      HP 216
      AC 67 (unbuffed, I kid you not) 51 touch AC
      CMD ranges from 52-56 depending on the maneuver.
      CMB is 27 with weapon and 39 for trip.
      Saves: Fort: 35 Ref 41 Will 39 SPELL RES 28
      Initiative +12

      He has full crane style feats so can parry 1 attack that hits per turn and then counter attack. he has 10 foot reach with any weapon though he is focused around using a scimitar. He is a front line fighter for all intents and purposes however the real kicker is he is also able to cast up to 6th lvl sorcerer spells without arcane spell failure and can cast all cure spells including heal as impowered without raising their spell level.

      When I made this character I didn’t realize what i’d created, He is effective lvl 20 but single handedly beat a balor without even taking a hit. he can do things like cast true strike and then disarm almost any opponent taking there weapon, he can trip lock almost any opponent while never being tripped himself due to being able to fly, he can smite opponents of any alignment for an aditional +7 attack and 17 dmg per hit as well as having smite evil on top of that so he hits as hard as any fighter using a two handed weapon.

      If anyone wants more details on the build let me know but I thought I’d post an outline here as I have found no character that can really challenge him in single combat and be as powerful as an all round combatant. So if you are after a powerful build I think the adept godling is very under-rated.


  1. This site is really great. I really enjoy looking at the builds and just thinking about how they would fit into my current group. My only critisism is that a few of the builds are pretty hard to build from level 1. All in all a very fun site.

  2. Thanks for the great site. I enjoy your builds; very clever and thought provoking. You seem to know how to get the most out of the mountain of information out there.

  3. Hey, just wanted to say that this site is a great resource for optimization without using many cheap tricks. Thanks.

  4. Hello, I bought your skills pdf and am really looking forward to ruining my DM’s day with level 1 Battle Cat shenanigans. Is there any way to donate to the site, or perhaps pay for a custom, personal, optibuild?

    • Cool. Let me know how it went. Custom person builds? I might do that someday. Good idea. Donations? First, thanks for buying the PDF. That is support. I may add some way to donate to the site. We will see.

  5. Greetings!

    Thanks for the tips and tricks. :)

    I just wanted to say awesome reading, and I purchased the skills/witch pdfs…

    I do have some questions, particularly on the Half-Orc Witch… Could I email them to you? Don’t want to spoil anything for the PDF.

    Thanks again!

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