Pathfinder Game Builds Guide (Optibuilds)

Welcome to the site that brings you Optimized Pathfinder Character Builds.  Its a labor of love for the love of Pathfinder and for my Optibuilder brothers and sisters.  Wet your teeth on the Free Builds and dive into the Optibuilds’ PDFs.  Also, the new Hybrid Class Guides for the ArcanistBrawlerBloodrager, InvestigatorHunter, and Slayer are completed.  PDFs for the Investigator and the Slayer are completed.

OPTIBUILDS’ MARTIAL & POCKET COHORTS PDF PART 1:  This is for all of my Optibuilders who want to be a mythical god by 13th level.  Thoreau (“Son of Thor”), 13th level build, and W. Ann Wannable (“Thoreau’s Pocket Cohort) are together Thor Wannabee.  The PDF reveals howto be the absolute most out of co-horts.  Actually W. Ann Wannabee is a Cleric that could be played by herself.     

OPTIBUILDS’ SKILLS PDF PART 1: Gives you optimized build Barbie Charms and advice on how to build optimized characters using Intimidate, Handle Animal, Perception, Scent, Survival and Use Magic Device. Barbie Charms uses all of them.

OPTIBUILDS’ WITCH BUILDS PDF PART 1: Quincy Horcawich and Quincy Elvawich are the greatest witches in Pathfinder and they are optimized to conform with Optibuilds’ Skills PDF Part I.

OPTIBUILDS’ MAGUS BUILDS PDF PART 1: Two magus builds, one melee and one archer? Meet Gettiup Shocker (Standard Pathfinder Magus Build) and Timothy Bow (Purple Duck Arcane Archer Build).  They are optimized to conform with Optibuilds’ Skills PDF Part I.   

OPTIBUILDS’ ICONS REBUILD PDF PART I: Get Improved Zen Gee (the greatest zen archer) and Improved Youra Hoo Watt (the greatest fighter archer).  They are optimized to conform with Optibuilds’ Skills PDF Part I.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!   

Free Optimized Builds are below.  I will be back with more soon.  Sign-up for the the newsletter and blog.  The blog gives free general advice.  The newsletter will inform you about new PDFs and may even shock you with special limited time offers.

Meleers: 1) Paladin Protector; 2) Two-Weapon Shield/Spikes; 3) Scimitar and Blaster Bard; 4) Ninja Dirty Fighting; 5) Mounted Cleric; 6) Barbarian AC Tank; 7) Barbarian Switch Hitter; 8) Oracle Switch Hitter; 9) Shadow Striker Barbarian

Archers: 1) Monk Zen Archer; 2) Mounted Inquisitor Archer; 3) Arcane / Eldritch Knight Archer; 4) Bard Archer; 5) Paladin Archer6) Barbarian Switch Hitter; 7) Rogue Archer; 8) Ranger Archer; 9) Ninja Archer; 10) Fighter Archer; 11) Oracle Switch Hitter 12) Shadow Striker Barbarian

Magicians: Wizard Spellslinger

Guides: 1) Witch Spell Guide; 2) Barbarian Guide; 3) Slayer Build Guide; 4) Hunter Build Guide; 5) Bloodrager Build Guide; 6) Arcanist Guide; 7) Brawler Guide

Gamemaster Articles: 1) Art of the Chase I, 2) Art of the Chase II, 3) Game Mastering w/out Being a Game Master


18 Responses to Pathfinder Game Builds Guide (Optibuilds)

  1. Eleazar says:

    I liked your builds. Thank you and great work. ^^

    • admin says:

      Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I get lots of people who have a question on builds. I rarely get posters who say they like my builds. Even more rarely do I get posters that say they just appreciate my builds who have no other questions.

      It takes significant time to put builds together, but, then again, I like doing it and like sharing them.

      • Neogeo says:

        I can’t believe you don’t get more comments. This site is a clear-cut, five star, regal example of guides.,Easily the best part is your clarity.

        Based optibuilds

        • Nick says:

          This place is absolutely amazing and some of these build are so mean I love it keep up the good work cause this is awesome

  2. Timothy Bow says:

    This site is really great. I really enjoy looking at the builds and just thinking about how they would fit into my current group. My only critisism is that a few of the builds are pretty hard to build from level 1. All in all a very fun site.

  3. RogueMD says:

    Thanks for the great site. I enjoy your builds; very clever and thought provoking. You seem to know how to get the most out of the mountain of information out there.

  4. George T says:

    Great job! very useful builds :) maybe that’s why my GM calls me abuser? :P

  5. Ben says:

    Hey, just wanted to say that this site is a great resource for optimization without using many cheap tricks. Thanks.

  6. Timothy Bow says:

    Hello, I bought your skills pdf and am really looking forward to ruining my DM’s day with level 1 Battle Cat shenanigans. Is there any way to donate to the site, or perhaps pay for a custom, personal, optibuild?

    • admin says:

      Cool. Let me know how it went. Custom person builds? I might do that someday. Good idea. Donations? First, thanks for buying the PDF. That is support. I may add some way to donate to the site. We will see.

  7. Dineen says:


    Thanks for the tips and tricks. :)

    I just wanted to say awesome reading, and I purchased the skills/witch pdfs…

    I do have some questions, particularly on the Half-Orc Witch… Could I email them to you? Don’t want to spoil anything for the PDF.

    Thanks again!

  8. I wanted to see if you could help me out. My GM is starting a goblinoid campaign and I’m looking for an illusionist/necromancer build. Any thoughts?

  9. Yours is the first website I go to for researching optimized builds. Thank you. May I would love to see a non-lethal, possibly sap build from you.

    • admin says:

      Hey Matthew, that Sap build you were asking about is in the Slayer PDF Part 1. Get it and let me know what you think. I hope it lives up to what you were expecting. Best case scenario, I think I had it doing over 300 points of damage in a single round.

      If you have any questions about it, you contact me.

  10. MLG says:

    i love your builds thank you so much i just fell in love with the Eldritch knight archer and the Wizard spellslinger i would love to see more builds in the future possibly an optimized cavalier i’d imagine that would be fun but again thanks for the builds and i hope to see more coming up soon

    • admin says:

      I am glad that you had fun with the archer and Spellslinger. Right now I am focusing of the new Hybrid Classes and making guides and PDFs for them.

      That said, I believe that one of two of them will have a dip into Cavalier. If and when they do, I will let you know.

      Thanks for the post

  11. MLG says:

    also i just thought of this and would really love to see it, how about a optimized werewolf/ lycanthrope build maybe some thing like a beast totem werewolf barbarian pretty please :)

    • admin says:

      Most GMs won’t allow their players to be a werewolf. That said, the kind of character that everyone could play that would fall into the category you are thinking about is a natural weapon Bloodrager. The Bloodrager guide is completed and there will soon be a PDF that will have a natural weapon character included.

      If your GM allows you to be a werewolf, then converting the build that will be in the PDF to a werwolf should be easy.

      Keep enjoying the game and enjoying this site. Talk to you later man.

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