Blessings to all that come to enjoy this website! We all know that witches, sorcerers, shaman, wizards, etc. are evil in the real world.  However, please do not let the Pathfinder game or this website take you down the path of the occult in the real world.

With that said, in the fictitious world of Pathfinder and similar games, witches, sorcerers, shaman, wizards, etc. can be good or evil.  As long as we keep the fictitious in its proper place, I believe that we can enjoy the game without letting it have some impact on reality.

As for me, I prefer to look at the game of Pathfinder as nothing more than a game mechanic that allows for players to make various fictitious characters of similar power level to adventure with.  There is no reason that a witch has to be a real witch.  The character is just a character that can do whatever it can do.  You can flavor your character to have whatever background, beliefs, and power sources you want.

For instance, an cleric that is mechanically made by worshiping Erastil and taking powers that are available only to Erastil followers could flavor-wise be a follower of Yahweh who heals, defends, and spreads the words of faith.  Don’t let the mechanics of Pathfinder dictate the types of characters that you play.  You don’t have to be a faithful individual in real life who acts out the occult in a game.  If that makes you uncomfortable or makes you feel like you are abandoning your faith, then change the flavor of your character after you have used the mechanics of Pathfinder to make your character.

So once again, may all viewers of this site be blessed and be led down a path that brings life and life more abundantly.