Optimized Pathfinder Fighter Archer

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Standard Youra Hoo Watt

Now lets move onto the optimized fighter archer build Standard Youra Hoo Watt. She is highly accurate & damaging with a bow. Plus, she is skillful and can/does use wands in situations where her skills are not enough. This optimized fighter archer build is very comfortable in her own skin. Now it is time for a song from Salt & Pepper befitting this ex-head palace guard.

Gotta what yo, gotta be a fighter? Gotta what yo, gotta be a fighter? Gotta what yo, gotta be a fighter?

Gotta be a who? Gotta be a what?

Stats (25 point build): Str (14); Dex (18); Con (14); Int (14); Wis (10); Cha (10)
Stats (20 point build): Str (14); Dex (16); Con (14); Int (14); Wis (10); Cha (10)
Stats (15 point build): Str (14); Dex (16); Con (10); Int (14); Wis (10); Cha (10)

Raising Stats: For all stat builds, place points into Dexterity at every level.

Traits: Reactionary; Curiously Dangerous

Feats: 1) Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot, Precise Shot; 2) Deadly Aim; 3)Weapon Focus (Longbow Comp); 4) Weapon Specialization (Longbow Comp); 5) Point Blank Master; 6) Cluster Shots; 7) Manyshot; 8) Greater Weapon Focus (Longbow Comp); 9) Combat Reflexes; 10) Snap Shots; 11) Improved Snap Shot; 12) Greater Weapon Specialization (Longbow Comp)

Favorite Class Option: For the 25 and 20 point builds, take 1 skill point per level. For the 15 point build, take 1 hitpoint per level.

Skills (72 points): Acrobatics (8); Stealth (8); Intimidate (8); Perception (8); Use Magic Device (12); Disguise (4); (Ride (4); Climb (4); Swim (4); Fly (4); Diplomacy (8)

Weapon Training Options: 5th: Bow; 10th: Thrown

12th Level Wealth – Characters have 108K of wealth at 12th level. Keep what is left as pocket change.

General Items (96.8K): +3 Longbow Composite (+2) (18K); Daggers (x6); + 5 Mithril Chainmail (25K); +1 Longsword (2K); Handy Haversack (2K); Efficient Quiver (1.8K); +2 Belt of Dexterity (8K); +2 Ring of Protection (8K); +2 Amulet of Natural Armor (8K); Boots of Speed (12K); +2 Vest of Resistance (4K); Horse

Wands: 1st) (1.5K) Air Bubble (10); Cure Light Wounds (50); Expeditious Retreat (10); Gravity Bow (25); Endure Elements (10); Abundant Ammunition (15), Comprehend Language (5), Disguise (10); Hide from Undead (15); 2nd) (9K) Alter Self (5); Darkvision (10); Invisibility (10); Resist Energy (10); Spider Climb (10); See Invisibility (5); Levitation (5); Silence (5); Tongue (5), Delay Poison (5); Knock (10)

Playing Strategy: Don’t be confused, this pathfinder optimized archer build is still a fighter first. This means she will let those arrows fly without a moments hesitation. So, six arrows a round when hasted with her speed boots doing (1d8 + 18) points of damage apiece. The wands (Gravity Bow, Levitation, Expeditious Retreat, Spider Climb) are used before combat only if she thinks it is really necessary. Shooting from horseback with spider climb and/or expeditious retreat cast on the horse can be quite nasty.

When to use the wands should be otherwise obvious. Just remember to let the spellcasters in your group do their job and keep your wands as a backup. If your group is without strong spellcasters, well maybe the group needs to pitch in and buy you some more wands.

Don’t forget, Youra Hoo Watt is also a good scout, leader and disguise artist (especially with the help of her wands).

Optimized Pathfinder Fighter Archer Build


14 Responses to Optimized Pathfinder Fighter Archer

  1. aaron says:

    Is this using an archetype? Trying to recreate it at level 8, and I see an extra feat. You have feats listed at 5, 7 and 11. 5 and 11 can be the extra feats at 6 and 12, but I can’t place the 7) feat.

    • admin says:

      feats for human fighter should go 1) human feat, fighter feat, level feat; 2) fighter feat; 3) level feat; 4) fighter feat, 5) level feat, 6) fighter feat, 7) level feat, 8) fighter feat.

  2. Haakon Løtveit says:

    May I point out that buying wands with less than 50 charges may be barred by the GM. I would certainly deny it.

    Also, if the horse is really important, have you considered taking 4 levels of cavalier to get it as an animal companion, using your character level to get it?
    You could make a half-elf to get both Cavalier and Fighter as favoured class, and you get a skill focus feat you can put into UMD if you feel the need.

    • Leo says:

      That’s dropping two feats from the Fighter build, which are a critical resource for archers. However, the benefit of not having to buy a new horse every time one dies under you (which is a lot, with all of its 1 HD) is quite a powerful one

  3. Nightshade Glitch says:

    Try two weapon fighting/ repeating xbow combo at lvl 4 you can +4/+4/+4 at 1d8+4 each

    • Leo says:

      The TWF crossbow builds are better left for rogues (since SA scales with level, not Strength).
      Also you need a hand free to load your crossbows, even repeating AFAIK.

      A better idea (which is not to do with this fighter build), would be Double Crossbow (which makes two damage rolls with one attack) + Vital Strike (which doubles the damage dice) for 4d8 damage per attack, or 8d6 with Lead Blades / Gravity Bow / whatever.

    • admin says:

      At fourth level this build gets +8/+8 (1d8 + 9) using deadly aim and rapid shot. More accuracy and more damage. I like that better.

  4. Zach says:

    Would you say Wisdom or Charisma is more important for this build? I’m trying to build this with a rolled stat list and I have a +2 and a +0 modifier attribute and I’m trying to figure which one I should put where… Do we consider CHA a dump stat even though it is used for UMD?

  5. Filippo Nuti says:

    Which race?

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