Optimized Pathfinder Inquisitor Build – Archer

Human Pathfinder optimized Inquisitor build: Bingo and his Bingo Tiger (aka “Double Bingo”).  The archer / animal companion build is ridiculous.

Don’t call me a ranger.  I’ve been mistaken for years.  They are not my peers.  I instill far more fear.  Making these arrows rain down like a monsoon.  Listen to the claws go boom.

Explosion, overpowering, over the competition I’m towering.  Creatures drop when they hear this roar that will make them use the pot.  Don’t you dare stare you better move. Don’t ever compare me to the rest that will all get sliced and diced. Competition is paying the price.

Bingo 1 gonna take you out.  Bingo 2 gonna take you out.  Bingo 1 and 2 gonna take you out. Double Bingo gonna take you out.

Starting Stats (25 points): Str (14), Dex (19), Con (12), Int (10), Wis (14), Chr (10)
Starting Stats (20 points): Str (14), Dex (18), Con (12), Int (10), Wis (14), Chr (8)
Starting Stats (15 points): Str (14), Dex (18), Con (12), Int (10), Wis (13), Chr (8)

Raising Stats – For 20 and 25 point builds, put all leveling stats into dexterity.  For 15 point build, go Int, then Dex, Dex, Dex, Dex.  These Stats don’t include bonuses from equipment listed below.

Domain: Animal (Feather) – gives you animal companion and pluses to perception and initiative.

This Pathfinder optimized Inquisitor build is to 9th level with all levels taken in Inquisitor, no archetype. The Progression that follows does not include the automatic domain powers or other class abilities of the Inquisitor, other than the Teamwork Feat choices that must be selected.

Traits / Teamwork / Human Feat / Level Feat Progression: Traits) Indomitable Faith; Exile; Human) Point Blank Shot; 1) Rapid Shot; 3) Precise Shot; 3) Shake It Off   5) Boon Companion; 6) Enfilading Fire;7) Deadly Aim; 9) Manyshot; 9) Target of Opportunity

Skills Ranks at 9th (63 points): Climb (1), Intimidate (7); Knowledge (arcana) (7), Knowledge Dungeoneering (4), Knowledge Nature (7), Knowledge Planes (7), Knowledge Arcana (7), Perception (7), Ride (1), Sense Motive (7), Spellcraft (1), Stealth (1), Survival (7), and Swim (1).  Includes headband of mental prowess bonus to Int

Spells at 9th Level: 0th: Read Magic, Detect Magic, Light, Sift; Guidance, Stabilize 1st: Wrath, Protection v. Evil, Disguise, Divine Favor, Hide v. Undead, Shield of Faith; 2nd: Invisibility, Flame of the Faithful, Weapon of Awe, See Invisibility; 3rd: Terrible Remorse, Countless Eyes, Magic Circle Evil, Dispel Magic

Animal Companion Tiger’s Feats & Ability Stats: Power Attack, Lunge, Weapon Focus Claws, Light Armor Proficiency.  Place First ability stat in Int and second in Strength.  Animal Companions with a 3 Intelligence do not need tricks to operate.  You can just tell them what to do.

Items 9th Level (46K): Handy Haversack (2K); Efficient Quiver (1.8K); +2 Cloak of Resistance (4K); +1 Ring of Protection (2K); +1 Amulet of NA (2K); +2 Mithril Chain Shirt (4K); +2 Belt of Dext (4K); +1 Longbow Comp (+2) (2K); Masterwork Greatsword; Cloak of Elvenkind (2.5K); Boots of Speed (12K); Reservoir Tattoo (5K); Wands (Cure Light (1 wands); +1 Light Mitril Chainshirt Barding for Tiger.

Playing Strategy: His judgments are swift action abilities that provide sacred or profane bonus that stack with the offensive spells listed above.  They apply to all foes and generally last until the end of combat. At 9th level you can have two judgments active at one time.  At the beginning of every fight you should make a knowledge check to figure out the creatures strengths and weaknesses and select your judgments accordingly.

Try to cast personal spells before combat even begins (i.e. you see enemies ahead).  If they turn out to be friends, place ongoing spell in your spell tattoo for later use. Remember that you can cast personal spells on your companion.  With that said, spells are not always needed for you.  With judgments, bane, full attack arrows while mounted and full attack tiger you are a devastation to most anyone.  So unless really called for, jump right into battle without taking time to cast spells in your first round of battle.

Of course, cast countless eyes long before combat.  It last for hours.  Share with pet.

Finally, remember that you have solo tactic, so you teamwork feats operate without need of you having a teammate with the same feat.

9 Responses to Optimized Pathfinder Inquisitor Build – Archer

  1. Steep_Gradient says:

    There’s no Mounted Archery feat. You take a -4 to attack with bow
    You can’t get Mounted Archery without Mounted Combat- another feat.
    Have to dump two of your ranged combat feats to get those two. Gimps the character’s ranged attacks heavily

    • admin says:

      Only need mounted archery if you want to make a mounted double move or run and shoot the bow. However, if you simply want to make a single move on your mount and shoot your bow with a full attack, then there is no penalty.

      Thus, you can be a mounted archer without taking mounted combat or mounted archer.

  2. CHELIOS says:

    You can put 14 in wis 13 in int and 10 in str and pick a composite longbow guided

  3. Francisco Jansen says:

    At lvl 5 Inquisitor the tiger will still have 2 int, thus it can’t spend his second feat on Lunge. Therefore it will have to pick first Weapon Focus, and then Lunge (after 3 int).

  4. Nick says:

    would it work to take a flying companion, so you make use of the fly class skill you gain from Animal (Feather) domain?

  5. James Yates says:

    Why on earth would you pick Rapid Shot at level 1, and wait until 3rd for Precise Shot? Any ally engaging in melee combat with your target would give you a -4 to attacks (-6 if you wanted to use Rapid Shot). You would be totally useless for the first two levels. Firing at the same guy your allies are attacking is you’ll do forever, starting at lvl 1.

    Switch those two feats, and you’ll be much better off.

    • admin says:

      You could very well take Precise Shot first, but it is a preference call. At first level the enemy should be dead first round. So if you get the initiative, having two attacks on the target before it is engaged in melee is better than one. Further, not all enemies will seek to be engaged in melee even after the first round (i.e. mages).

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