Pathfinder Build Guide Compendium

Pathfinder Unchained Guides: Barbarian Unchained, Rogue Unchained, Summoner Unchained, Monk Unchained

Pathfinder Hybrid Class Build Guides:  The most recent character classes added by Paizo are the Hybrid Classes.  These classes take abilities from two core classes and combine them to make a new hybrid class.  Often, the guides for the underlying classes can serve as a guiding tools, but the Hybrids do have their own new abilities to consider, as well as their own Archetypes.  Here are the Optibuilds’ Hybrid Archetype Guides: Arcanist, Bloodrager, Brawler, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Slayer, Skald, Swashbuckler, Warpriest.  The guides without links have not been created yet, but are soon to come.

Pathfinder Core Class Build Guides:  There are a number of guides created for the original Pathfinder Base Classes.  The good news is that most of them are free.  The bad news is that they are not comprehensive or even updated regularly.  I have tried to update the advice for the Core Classes in the guides that follow: Barbarian Guide, Cleric Guide, Druid Guide, Fighter Guide, Monk GuidePaladin Guide, Ranger Guide, Rogue Guide, Sorcerer Guide, Wizard Guide.  The guides without links have not been created yet, but are soon to come.

Alternative Classes and Based Classes: Vigilante (Zealot) Archer Guide


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  1. Christopher Payne says:

    I’m getting ready to start playing Pathfinder with a group of friends, and I’m having some trouble putting together a Swashbuckler character. Any chance of that build guide coming out soon?

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