Pathfinder Optimized Ninja Build

Human Pathfinder optimized ninja build Early Mourning (E Mo).  He is a deadly and fun archer.  And now its time for a number from Biggie Smalls praising the sniper/assassin.

Gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing if E Mo gets his bow and starts stringing.   What you think high initiative, sneak attack and Ki are for?   It’s to shoot deadly arrows off the jump so the bad guys will be no more. And he feeds arrows poison Crowder so they can devour the haters trying to take his new gators.

And I bet you E Mo won’t slip. He’s got two arrows notched and some more coming lickaty split. So he can rip through the ligaments, put the suckers in a bad predicament, where all the fowl creatures went.

It may sound mean, it may sound cold, but if needed he will reload and explode down that A-hole.

Character Role / Summary: This pathfinder optimized ninja build’s character role is archer, scout,  leader, and wand wielder.  E Mo is a 12th level character who’s class progression is Fighter2, Ninja 4, Fighter 2, Ninja 4.  Campaign Trait, Feat and Ninja Trick Progressions are below.

  • Fighter Archetype is Weapon Master. Will grant E Mo composite bow scaling bonuses to attack/damage and to CMD against sunder/disarm attempts on composite bow. Also grants re-roll attempts with composite bows.

Starting Stats (25 points): Str (14), Dex (19), Con (12), Int (8), Wis (12), Chr (14)
Starting Stats (20 points): Str (14), Dex (18), Con (12), Int (7), Wis (12), Chr (14)
Starting Stats (15 points): Str (14), Dex (18), Con (12), Int (7), Wis (10), Chr (12)

Raising Stats – For 25pt build, put all leveling stats into dexterity.  For 20pt and 15pt build, go Int, then Dex, Dex, Dex, Dex.  These Stats don’t include bonuses from equipment listed below.

Favorite Class Option: Choose Ninja as favorite class and choose 1 skillpoint per level.

Class Abilities Gained: Weapon Master Abilities – Weapon Guard, Weapon Training, Reliable Strike; Ninja Abilities – Poison Use, Ki Pool, No Trace, Sneak Attack, Uncanny Dodge, Light Steps, Improved Uncanny Dodge

Campaign Traits / Feat / Ninja Trick Progression: Traits) Reactionary and Indomitable Faith; Human Feat) Improved Initiative; F1) Point Blank Shot; Rapid Shot; F2) Precise Shot; N3) Deadly Aim; N4) Deadly Range; N5) Weapon Focus (Longbow Comp); N6) Deadly Range; F7) Manyshot; F8) Weapon Specialization (Longbow Comp); N9) Snap Shot; N10) Rogue Trick (Sniper’s Eye); N11) Improved Snap Shot; N12) Combat Trick (Combat Reflexes)

Skills Ranks at 12th (86 points): Acrobatics (12), Bluff (11), Climb (1), Diplomacy (11) Escape Artist (12), Intimidate (11), Perception (12), Sense Motive (11), Stealth (12), Swim (1), and Use Magic Device (12). Includes headband of mental prowess bonus to Intelligence, human leveling skill points and favorite class skill point selections.

Items 12th Level (92.5K): Handy Haversack (2K); Efficient Quiver (1.8K); +3 Cloak of Resistance (9K); Boots of Levitation (7.5K); Bracer’s of Archery (Lesser) (5K); +2 Ring of Protection (8K); +2 Amulet of NA (8K); +3 Mithril Chain Shirt (9K); +2 Belt of Perfection (16K); +2 Longbow Comp (+2) (8K); +2 Greatsword (8K); Cloak of Elvenkind (2.5K); Wands (Cure Light (2 wands), Vanish (1 wand), Air Bubble(1 wand); +2 Headband of Mental Prowess (Chr / Int) (10K)

Playing Strategy: Get initiative, attack most vulnerable with sneak attack, rapid shot, manyshot, Ki extra attack from fifty feet.  Later rounds deadly aim & improved snap shot for attacks of opportunity inside fifteen feet while levitating. You still deal plenty of damage even without sneak attack. Best believe you deal (1d8 + 16) with accuracy.  In parley you go for the tri-fecta bluff, diplomacy, and intimidate.  Three rolls to get what you want. “Dude, we are here on your side to protect you (diplomacy).  I must tell you, however, my crew is not going to be happy if you don’t tell me want I need to know (intimidate).  And those are not all of my people, we are the B crew (bluff).  Oh, and you can use wands.  This build gave you a few, but you can get more if you have the money.  Gravity Bow spell maybe.

6 Responses to Pathfinder Optimized Ninja Build

  1. erik says:

    F2/N4/F2/N4 would put you at F4, which does not qualify you for Reliable Strike from the Weapon Master Fighter Archetype.

  2. jason says:

    I’m just wondering how you get Attacks of Opportunity within 30 feet. Snap Shot states that you get them within five, not thirty. Anyways, I love the build, and am using a modified version for my next character.

  3. J Blaze says:

    Bro, that customized rap over Biggie is outstanding! E Mo sends the new WARNING! Couldn’t resist commenting on that.

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