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What is Optibuilds? Players and GMs can trust that Optibuilds instructions for character builds are well planned allowing new and experienced players to have fun and to skip past the weeks of character planning to allow everyone to get down to business – the adventure. Nothing slows down the fun of starting a Pathfinder Adventure more than creating a character.  The process can take days to weeks.  This means that adventures can be stalled for day or weeks while players or GMs helping their players go through the process of character creation. Even once a character is finally created and an adventure has begun, players can find themselves wanting to switch up their builds.

Why to 13th level? Most adventures never make it past 13th level.  

Questions about builds?  Ask away. Leave a question or a comment and it will be addressed.  This is the case for free builds and for the Optibuild PDFs as well.

Why do some of the build cost? I wish all of the builds could be free.  However, the modestly priced PDFs help this website to stay available to all of its visitors.  Paid builds also allow Optibuilds to provide a product to customers that stays up-to-date.  Pathfinder is constantly changing its rules, feats, items, etc…  This means that the optimal builds for different classes will change over time.  Anyone who buys one of Optibuilds PDFs will receive free updates reflecting these changes.  This way, your PDF never becomes outdated.

5 Responses to About Optibuilds

  1. Uffe Høier says:

    Hi, I purchased: Optibuilds’ Witch Builds PDF Part 1. Q: how many levels do you take as Barbarian in the Quincy Orcawich?

    • admin says:

      I just reviewed the Orcawich build. To play it, you will need the original version of the Witch Doctor Archetype that was in the Paizo books as of 2014. Apparently they completely rewrote the entire archetype, so the link to PSFRD does not show the previous version of the class.

      With that said, it is two levels barbarian followed by 11 levels of scarred witch.

  2. Uffe Høier says:

    How do you get Arcane Focus and Fleet-Footed together? by What rule?

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