Mount Spell (Pathfinder)

Mount Spell (Optibuilds’ Notes)  Rating 10/10

magus 1,sorcerer/wizard 1, summoner 1, witch 1

The Mount spell ranks high for versatility and long-term usefulness.  You could play pathfinder at low levels (at least for one game) casting nothing but the Mount spell.  Here are some interesting uses.

Cover – Get cover from your mount.  Cover does a lot of things.  It gives you +4 to your AC, even when riding the mount with a proper ride check.  It allows you to hide.  It improves your Reflex Saves.

Attack/Flank – A mount is a summoned creature, so it can attack and flank.

Attack and Move with a Bow – shooting arrows on from a mount is like having the Shot-On-The-Run Feat.

Spell on the Run – Cast a spell on horseback, then have the mount get you out of there.

Trap Finding – Have that horse trot through the dungeon setting off traps.

+1 to Your Attack – Attacking from horseback is attacking from higher ground so +1 

Luggage Carrier – They are around 2 hours/level.  Load that horse up.

Travel – Obviously

An Unscrupulous Buck – Sell the horse or trade it.  Be long gone when the mount goes bye-bye.

Charm Person / Gather Information  Kind of like unscrupulous buck, but pay person off in exchange for information or a short-term favor.  

Alarm – Why not have the horse be lookout. With Perception +6, not bad for first level. Also, the mount has scent, which is great for serving as a lookout or tracking.

Flotation Device – Horse are good swimmers with the Endurance feat and their +3 Str Mod.

Food – I see nothing that says that the horse goes away once it dies.  Get your grub on.



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