Optimized Zen Archer Build

He is Here: Improved Zen Gee (the greatest zen archer ever) - I had so much fun cooking up standard Zen Gee for you that I wanted to give you an even better version to test drive.  Only the best for Optibuilders.  Oh, and Optibuilds’ Icon Rebuilds PDF Part I is also Improve Youra Hoo Watt (the greatest fighter archer ever).  I must love you guys and gals.

Character Name: Zenith, the Great: (aka Standard Zen Gee)
Race: Human
Favorite Class Option: 1 Hitpoint / level
Human Skill / Hitpoint Option: 1 Hitpoint / level
Monk Archetypes: Qingong Monk & Zen Archer.

Quick Glance at Zen Gee’s 13th level Stats:  Bow: +22/+22/+22/+22/+17/+17/+12 (1d8 +16) (19-20 x3) (Ki Attack, Hasted, Flurry, Deadly Aim); AC (35 Barkskin & Mage’s Armor included / 39 with Shield); Saves: Fort (+14), Ref (+16), Will (+19); CMD (25); HP (114), Speed (70ft), Initiative (+4), Spell Resistance (23); Skills: Perception +29, Stealth +30, Escape Artist +30

  • Note Calculation for AC = 10 +7 wisdom +4 dexterity + 3 Monk’s Bonus + 1 dodge + 5 Barkskin + 4 Mage’s Armor + 4 Shield = 39
  • Note Calculation for Attack = +1 Point Blank Shot + 1 Weapon Focus + 7 Wisdom + 1 Bracers of Archery + 1 Haste + (11/+11/+6+1) Flurry +4 Longbow -4 Deadly Aim

Starting Stats (25 point build): Str (12), Dex (14), Con (14), Int (14), Wis (18), Chr (8)

Feats/Abilities: Traits) Finding Helen and Dangerously Curious; 1) Skill Focus (Escape Artist), Point Blank Shot, Dodge, Flurry of Blows (with bows), Unarmed Strike (2d6), Weapon Proficiency with all bows, Normal Monk Proficiencies, Perfect Strike (12 attempts/day) (bows), Monk AC (+14 at 13th level); 2) Precise Shot, Weapon Focus (Longbow Comp); 3) Zen Archery, Speed +70ft at 13th level, Point Blank Mastery, Deadly Aim; 4) Barkskin (1 Ki) (Replaces Slow Fall), Ki Pool (16 points at 13th level); 5) Ki Arrows, Monkey Style, Feather Step (1 Ki) (Replaces High Jump); 6) Improve Precise Shot, Weapon Specialization (Longbow Comp); 7) Gaseous Form (1 Ki) (Replaces Wholeness of Body), Combat Reflexes; 8) Skill Focus (Stealthy)9) Reflexive Shot, Clustered Shots; 10) Improved Critical (Longbow Comp); 11) Trick Shot; Stealthy; 12) Shadow Walk (3 Ki) (Replaces Abundant Step); 13) Diamond Soul, Skill Focus (Perception)

Green = Human Feat; Red = Zen Archer Selection; Blue = Level Feat Selections; Black = Automatic Feats and Abilities

Skill Points (91 pts): Acrobatics (13), Stealth (13), Perception (13), Sense Motive (10), Climb (5), Fly (3), Swim (1), Intimidate (10), UMD (10), Escape Artist (13)

AC / Bow Related Items (94.55K): +2 Ring of Protection (8K); +4 Belt of Dex (16K); Wand of Shield (2nd level caster) (50 Charges) (1.5K); 2 Wands of Mage’s Armor (50 Charges) (1.5K); +4 Headband of Wisdom (16K); +4 Longbow Composite (+1) (32K); Efficient Quiver (1.8K); Lesser Bracers of Archery (5K); Boots of Speed (12K); Arrows (100), Wand of Abundant Ammunition (50 charges) (750 g)

Miscellaneous Items (41.7K): Daggers (x6); Ring of Feather Fall (2.2K); Handy Haversack (2K); +4 Cloak of Resistance (16K); 2 Cure Light Wounds (50 Charges) (1.5K); Carpet of Flying (20K)

Other Wands: 1st) (750g) Grease (10); Expeditious Retreat (10); Gravity Bow (10); Feather Step (10); Comprehend Language (10); 2nd) (2.25K) Darkvision (5); Invisibility (5); Resist Energy (5); Spider Climb (5); Silence (5);




5 Responses to Optimized Zen Archer Build

  1. fasttadpole says:

    Qingong Monk & Zen Archer both sub out Diamond Body so this build doesn’t work.

    • robert says:

      Qingong substitutions are optional so it can be combined with any monk archetype. The build is fine. Improved zen gee is even better.

  2. Rick says:

    $6.99 for an optimized zen archer quigong monk build huh? This one is free and its PFS legal (your is not, starting with a 25 point stat buy) http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2nix8?Zen-and-the-Art-of-Monk-Maintenance-A-Guide

  3. admin says:

    I prefer the build above to the build that you point to. I definitely prefer the Improved Icon Builds to the builds that you point to.

    Changing a build from 25 points to 20 is no big deal, so changing the build above to PFS legal is no big deal for most of my readers. Pathfinder players tend to be smart people.

    That said, the advantage of buying an Optibuild, apart from it likely being one of, if not the best build online, is that the build will change with time. So, when new material comes out, Optibuilds are re-evaluated. If there is a more optimal way to make the build, the Optibuilds are updated and sent out to all purchasers for free. This way, your build never becomes outdated and you don’t have to search all over the internet to find the update.

    Furthermore, Optibuilds frequently show you how to modify the builds for different races, different archetypes, and different play styles. Most people who buy the builds feel like the positives of purchasing Optibuilds (normally several builds in one purchase) is worth $7.99.

    If you are not one of those people, enjoy the free builds offered here and elsewhere. Believe me, it is practicing law that pays my bills, not selling PDFs. This is a hobby for me. I just wanted to offer a superior product to my visitors and the PDF cost offsets the cost of getting the product to the costumer.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Brian says:

    Heya –

    I love what you’ve put together here, and I seriously enjoy taking a look at your builds. They’re a great framework for moving forward with characters in my own flavor, or just to take as standalones!

    I was wondering if you’d looked at Zen Gee (from Rebuilding Icons I) lately. I’m a little confused about his starting stats, his skill points, and his headband slot. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    As always, keep up your great works.

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